The Makropulos Affair. Conductor Ondrej Olos Director Yannis Houvardas. PREMIERE 20 MAY 20, 23, 25 May 20th Century Cycle / Janáček Cycle. The Makropulos Case. The seductive diva Emilia Marty has broken hearts for over years and yet she doesn’t look a day past Now that the magical elixir . At first encounter, the secrets of The Makropulos Case appear buried as deeply as the secret its enigmatic heroine conceals until the final moments.

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Clips taken from original discs may contain strong language.

Unraveling “The Makropulos Case”

However, she has discovered that she no longer enjoys life: Musically, much of the piece has little in the way of thematic development, instead presenting the listener with a mass of different motifs and ideas. Emilia says that she can prove that. She has since lived an itinerant life for three centuries, majropulos one of the best singers of all time.

Mairopulos brass rejoins them. Program Articles Unraveling “The Makropulos Case” The Makropulos Case unfolds in a continuous trajectory, its profundities delivered so deftly we may fail to recognize them until we realize we are engulfed. However, she tells everyone that her extended life has led to exhausted apathy and a sense of cynical futility about people. Emilia then states that Elina Makropulos and Ellian MacGregor were the same person, where the latter was the former’s stage name.

Click makroppulos for printable PDF Some mysteries are more puzzling than others. The rest of the party begins to search her papers and belongings.


Baron Prus Andrew Makropklos Helmuth FroschauerWiener Philharmoniker. Nadja Michael Revealed The German soprano is one of today’s most alluring singing actresses. Jaroslav overhears this, and states that the document is in a safe. A probate case has been dragging on between the Gregor family and the Prus family for almost one hundred years and today the final verdict is to be given. Jaroslav asks for a reason, which Emilia does not directly answer. She is a young singer, and praises Emilia Marty, a famous singer she has seen rehearsing and admits that she will never be the artist Emilia Marty is.

Emilia spurns his advances again. However, by then the composer only had seven months left to live. Albert returns and again pleads his love. The orchestra play beautifully and the conducting from Andrew Davis is exemplary, on the same level as Charles Mackerras I’d say. Emilia enters, but spurns them all, including Janek, who instantly falls under her spell, and Albert, who brings her expensive flowers.

The Makropulos Case (TV Movie ) – IMDb

Sir Isaac Pitman and Sons. Baron Joseph Ferdinand Prus died inleaving no will or legitimate children. Was this review helpful to you? His son, Janek, often meets his girlfriend Kristina at the theatre.

He demands an explanation of her strange interest in his family, and reveals that the mother of the Baron’s child was recorded as Elina Makropuloswho might be the same as Ellian MacGregorwhose love letters he has read.

Find out more about our use of this dataand also our policy on profanity. Gregor argues that only descendants of Elina Makropulos should be allowed this formula. Tracklistings come from MusicBrainz.

Yet as Emilia reaches her final moments, entering new territory, the fanfares evolve. Prus describes her as a passionate woman with flexible morals, to which Emilia takes offense. Jaroslav says that the handwriting of Makropuloos Makropulos on Ferdinand’s birth certificate also matches that of Mairopulos.


Makeopulos singer asks him to get the secret envelope from his father’s house, but then Prus arrives and offers to give her the envelope if they can spend the night together. The New York Times. Prus makroulos been going on for nearly a century. A kinaesthetic universe pulsating on the stage.

On Disc at Amazon. Albert Gregor arrives to proclaim his love for Emilia, but she rejects him. Though disappointed by Emilia’s coldness, Jaroslav gives her the envelope containing the document.

Leoš Janáček The Makropulos Case

Emilia offers to buy a mysterious document found with the will, but Jaroslav refuses and leaves. After she again says that she cannot love him, he threatens her with violence. All in all, loved this production a lot and thought that Silja was incredible.

This production is made possible, in part, by: A stagehand and makropuloss cleaning woman discuss Emilia’s performance. Their pointed shoulders and tails resemble the shells of insects. Retrieved from ” https: She has since lived an itinerant life for three centuries.

She asks that the hotel room be re-arranged to resemble a court room, and asks for time to dress. Vitek’s daughter Kristina, a young singer, enters.