For Industry Professionals · Sign In Your Activity Your Watchlist Your Ratings Account Settings · Full Cast & Crew: Maharathi Karna (–). Series Cast ( 7). At the time of Mahabharata war, Karna was mentioned above years. Yudhi age was 91 years and Karna was 16 years elder to him. Bhima was 90 years old . Check out Maharathi Karna by Sant Keshavadas on Amazon Music. Stream ad- free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on

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I am one among the Common Men very proud of being so express my thoughts here. Friday, October 24, Maharathi Karna. Why I Love Karna? If we maharatji people who they like in Mahabaratha? Many people like Karna. Now story of Karna. There was a lovely Princess by katna name Kunti. She was adapted as daughter by King Kuntiboja from Yadava Clan. Lord Sri Krishna naharathi born in this clan a Generation Later.

And Kunti would be his Aunt. During her young age a great sage Durvasa Visited Kuntiboja and for assistance in doing a pooja religious ceremony. This Sage is very powerful and is quick to anger. In anger he will curse no matter who annoyed him. So King Kuntiboja agreed to help the Sage and went further and said that his Daughter princess Kunti will take care of all arrangements for pooja. Princess coordinated the event very well and Sage was very happy.

And he granted a Boon to kunti. He preached her a mantra very power. If she uttered this mantra spell thinking of any diety god. Then that particular god will appear before her and Bless her with a divine kid after his own nature.

Mesmerized by sun maharatthi she invoked the spell and lord Suriya sun god appered and blessed her with a kid. The kidd was born instantly.

She retained her virginity due the effect of mantra. Kid was born with a divine armour and ear ring and he shone like the sun himself. It is uncommon to have a Kid before marriage that too before by a princess. So Kunti abandoned her son soon after his Birth. She put him in a Basket and set the basket in Ganga river. A charioteer by name Athiradha found the child and took him mahagathi be his own.

He was named Karna. His froster mother was Radha. He was also known as Radheya Son of Radha. The Sage before dying cursed him.


If he had sexual intercourse he die that instant. Due to this curse he cannot have his own kid. Kunti told Pandu about the spell and they had 5 kids.

Maharathi Karna

Athiradha was in Hastinapur. So Karna was also growing there. In those Days Archery is Highest form of art a warrior can learn. It comprises kadna creating magical arrows. So one would need a proper teacher to teach it. Princes of Hastinapur were tutored by Dhrona and Kripa.

This is only for Bhramins and Sathiriyas alone not for someone like Karna. The princes grown into fine men and are well learned. So a contest was arranged to display their prowess to the people of Hastinapur.

All students of Drona Participated in all. And 5 were son of Late King Pandu mahsrathi Pandavas. They have a rivalry between them. At the contest Arjun outshone everyone.

Maharathi Karna – Wikiwand

They declared him to be best Archer. At that time Karna entered the arena and seeked permission to participate maharayhi it was granted. To be certain of who is the best archer he challenged Arjun for single combat.

At this elders said a person like Karna cannot challenge Arjun to a combat. Seeing an opportunity to Counter karnx ArjunaDuriyodana eldest of Kauravas made Karna to be king of Anga country which was his Princedom. Now being king of Anga Karna Challenged Arjun for single combat. By that time sun set has occurred and no war was to happen after sunset. Soon after an Archery completion was held in Kindom of Panchala. Winner can marry beautiful Princess Panchali.

Many Kings and Princes were assembled. All of them tried and they cannot lift that Bow. At this time panchali in assembly of kings said that she cannot marry someone born of lower caste. And karna was disqualified. Arjun disguised as Brahmin won the contest and won Panchali. And she was married by 5 Pandava brothers. Pandavas were given Indrapistha as their share of kingdom. Bhim killed Jarasandha in a combat and later they performed Ashvamedha horse sacrifice and Dharma was crowned as Emperor of all kings.

Soon emperor lost everything, his brothers and wife Panchali in game of die to Duriyodana. Panchali was dishonoured in the royal assembly. Pandavas were exiled for 12 years and they must live undetected by others in 13 th year. The Pandavas Vowed to have their revenge for the treatment meted out to Panchali. Bhim vowed to kill All Kauravas and Arjun vowed to kill Karna. Karna also vowed to Kill Arjun and till that time he will not have meat and alcoholic drinks.


Also he will give anything that anyone asks of him. One fine day lord Indra disguised as Brahmin asked karna to donate his Armour and ear rings.

On seeing this Lord Indhra healed his wounds and Gave his a powerful weapon called Sakthi. Karna can use it once to kill an enemy. Now having lost his Armour Karna wanted to learn the usage of Bhrama weapon.

His request was rejected by Drona and Kripa. He disguised himself as Brahmin and went to Bhavan Parasuram and learnt the secret of Bhrama weapon. Parasuram will teach for Brahmin only. One day Karna shot a calf of a Brahmin. He cursed Karna to be killed in similar manner like the helpless calf.

We he oarna his supreme enemy in battle his chariot will get struck in Mud and he will be killed.

Parasuram and Karna wandered into forest on a particular day. Parasuram felt maharxthi and Karna offered his lap for him to sleep. Because of the blood Parasuram woke up. He found Karna sitting calm and still despite the blood and Pain. Ability to mahararhi pain is quality of ksathirya not that of Brahmin. So he asked karna who mhaarathi is and Karna reveled his identify. Enraged Parasuram kadna him that the Bhrama weapon will escape from his memory.

He also said that no Ksathirya will be his equal in Battle. Meantime Arjun appeased lord Indra and acquired many celestial weapons from him. He also appeased Lord Siva and acquired Pasupathasthira weapon from him. After completion of 13 years Pandavas demanded their Kingdom and It was refused to them. So a Battle was unavoidable. At this time on advice of KrishnaKunthi approached Karna and disclosed his identity. She asked him to join Pandavas as he is their eldest Brother.

So she asked two boons from him. One is to spare four Pandavas expect Arjun. Second is to use Nagaasthra weapon only once on Arjun.

Not to use it second time.