Lloyd deMause,’s work is used in most college courses in psychohistory. This website contains extensive material reproduced from The Journal of Psychohistory. Those who are interested in primal and the regressive psychotherapies often become interested in the writings of psychohistorians, especially those of Lloyd. A good refutation of deMause, who is either an active participant in the war against white society or his institution has, like academic life everywhere, been.

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A lloyr refutation of deMause, who is either an active participant in the war against white society or his institution has, like academic llloyd everywhere, been heavily infiltrated. I’m not sure you’re amenable to conspiracy theories in spite of your robust defence of European civilization even so. Your understanding of McMartin and SRA is defective, exhibiting a naivete all too common where this subject is concerned in addition, perhaps, to an understandable fear of being made to look silly when you have an academic reputation to protect.

Lloyd deMause – Wikipedia

The evidence was excluded from the trial by the judge, a fact that went largely unreported on TV and in newspapers. I can’t think why. True, anon, all he had to do was look up Ralph Underwager and his wife Hollinda Wakefield who came out in support of pedophiles in the Belgian Magazine Padika. Also Pamela and Peter Freyd, who raped their own daughter and Demasue and Paul Eberle, who were involved in the pornographic magazines L.

It would behoove him to read Dave McGowan’s Pedophacracy. However distasteful you might believe Underwager, Freyd or Eberle to have been, the facts are that none of them were ever convicted of crimes against children.


Books by Lloyd deMause

There weren’t even any such accusations against Underwager, ever. Not much point to reading McGowan’s “Pedophracy”, as it contains so many deliberate misquotes, misrepresentations, fantasies and falsehoods that most people couldn’t possibly disentangle the facts from the fallacies within it. Ah, more talk of the ‘hysteria’ surrounding SRA, a hysteria largely created by the press and sustained demahse the incredulous.

The press grows bored and the whole episode is declared an ‘urban myth’.

Possibly like the heating crisis a few years ago we were gullible to believe all those elderly people who claimed they couldn’t heat their homes – there haven’t been any news reports lately so we can only assume they had been pressured into such claims and the whole thing was some mass fantasy.

Phew, people can get on with their lives and thank god they aren’t gullible fools like all those crazy therapists. Meanwhile dedicated therapists continue to help a steady stream of those escaping groups who use belief systems as made up and frankly as crazy as any other belief system – chocolate egg to celebrate the resurrection of a dead man anyone? We can believe that people will behead in the name of Allah because they’re Arabs?

I would like to remind you that only in the s child abuse was not believed in, let alone organised abuse by paedophile rings. All this has sadly been proven to exist after all.

Savile himself was repeatedly described by victims as taking part in bizarre ceremonies during his abuse. He probably didn’t believe so does that mean it doesn’t count?

Lloyd DeMause Quotes (Author of The History of Childhood)

I think to his terrified victims it makes little difference. Thanks i like your blog very muchi come back most days to find new posts like this! I learnt it Moods Condoms Online. In memory of Alice Miller Friday, November 11, A critique of Lloyd deMause. This post has been reviewed and moved: Posted by Chechar at 2: Cesar Tort demausf, Lloyd deMause.


Anonymous November 11, at 3: Llloyd February 11, at 7: Unknown September 10, at Anonymous July 26, at Aadit October 23, at Rose April 21, at 7: Newer Post Older Post Home. Popular Posts A critique of Lloyd deMause. Daniel Mackler photo is a pseudo-follower of Alice Miller. The very second post in my blogging career was precisely a piece debunking M Alice Miller’s nonsense about Hitler.

It permitted him to tak A longerand syntactically corrected version by Greg Johnsonof this article can be found here. W hy psychiatry is a false science demaause C My review of a treatise about infanticide.

The Stain of Human In Lliyd to Miller’s nonsense about Hitler. The liberation of Germany and the destruction of the Jewish people down to the last Jew, i. On Alice Miller and Lloyd deMause. Below I reproduce an index page of my now defunct “antipsiquiatria” webpage, specifically, an edited version of demxuse used to be t A class with Colin Ross.

Psychiatrist Colin Ross A section from my book: What causes mental disorders? The best text I have read on this subject appears i Alice Miller – Child Abuse and Mistreatment. About Me Chechar View my complete profile.