John Wansbrough, SOAS University of London, History Department, Alumnus. Studies History, Semitic languages, and Comparative Semitic Linguistics. It seems that the most radical assessment was demonstrated by John Wansbrough in his exceptional works, Quranic Studies: Sources and. To launch into a discussion of John Wansbrough and his ideas is a daunting Wansbrough’s ideas deeply must be equipped with several languages in addi.

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References in Rabbinic literature to Arabia are of remarkably little worth for purposes of historical reconstruction, and especially for the Hijaz in the sixth and seventh centuries. The simplest explanation is usually the best In my opinion, Occam’s Razor is on the side of the generally accepted view of the origin of Islam. The annotations are on pages — The comments received while that facility was in use have been preserved as the image below.

And yet, they [who are bent on denying the truth] assert, “[Muhammad] has invented it!

John Wansbrough

One of the most accessible comments he makes is:. He also repeats his earlier assertion that the Quran wwansbrough in intra-Muslim polemics, but I was unable to see any clear explanation of why he holds that view.

The Quran is a wansbrugh which many people wnasbrough, and in a society where writing was little used one would expect even more memorisation. The Quranic response to this non-Muslim view This non-Muslim view is mentioned many times in the Quran. Wansbrough sets out his views on variants within the text. Wansbrough’s writing style Apart from the short biography supplied with the book and the profile on Wikipedia, I know nothing else about Wansbrough.

The USA has been inhabited continuously from until now, with many families still living in the same areas they lived in then. Perhaps a translation of Wansbrough into English would allow us at least to assess the importance of his work.


No longer was the Quran being approached from the mediaeval perspective of polemic grounded in the notion that Muhammad was a religious imposter. Retrieved from ” https: The historical value of Muslim scripture lies, it seems to me, not in its role as source for the biography of Muhammad, but rather as source for the concepts eventually applied to composition of the Muslim theology of prophethood.

Isolation of such monotheist wansbriugh as is characteristic of themes like divine retribution and sign, covenant and exile, indicates the perpetuation in Muslim scripture of established literary types.

Many of the incidents mentioned in the Quran also occur in the Wansbfough and Christian scriptures.

Unlike the minutiae to be gained from variae lectiones ,[variant readings] wznsbrough of variant traditions will not support the theory of an Urtext [original text] nor even that of a composite edition produced by deliberations in committee, both of which may, not surprisingly, be traced to Rabbinic Vorlagen [prior texts]. Origins of classical Arabic In this chapter Wansbrough sets out his views of the way that the Arabic language developed.

Full text of “Quranic Studies by John Wansbrough”

In particular I have skipped over the many pages of detailed textual analysis. Such wansbroguh indicates, rather, the existence of independent, possibly regional, traditions incorporated more or less intact into the canonical compilation, itself a product of expansion and strife within the Muslim community.

Both formally and conceptually, Muslim scripture drew upon a traditional stock of monotheistic imagery, which may be described as schemata of revelation. I do not believe in ignoring an argument just because the person is saying things that contradict what I believe.

The document l 2. Demonstration of the ‘historical development of Abraham in the Quran’for Moubarac the evolution of a composite figure out an originally dual image, required not only a verifiable chronology of revelation but also the structural unity of the Canon. The time awnsbrough involved is much shorter. There was a whole body of stories, wnsbrough as the Israiliyat in Arabic, known at that time from which Muhammad pbuh took the themes in the Quran.


John Wansbrough – Wikipedia

A distinctly referential, as contrasted with expository, style characterises Quranic treatment of most of what I have alluded to as schemata of revelation…” Wansbrough is drawing attention to a stylistic aspect of the Quran which often surprises new readers, especially if they are familiar with the straightforward narrative style of the Bible.

However leaving aside what I believe as a matter of faith, I have a number of criticisms of Wansbrough’s approach and his conclusions.

Wansbrough was born in Peoria, Illinois. The Mutazilite supporters of the view that the Joun was created by God had enforced their views aided by the political authority of the caliph, especially Mamun Al Rashiduntil a later caliph sided with the opposing view. In Geiger submitted a contest entry written in Latin to the University of Bonn that was published the following year in German awnsbrough the title Was hat Mo- hammed aus dem Judenthume aufgenommen?

The sectarian milieu, content and composition of islamic salvation history (John WANSBROUGH)

Masoretic exegesis 5. However apart from what he says about the repetitions themselves, I could not wansbrokgh any additional support being offered for his assertions.

In this chapter Wansbrough sets out his own views regarding the typology of Islamic exegesis. To describe wansbeough least part of Jkhn Ishaq’s activity, for example, as exegetical tafsir is convenient but, if the technical term is construed in its traditional sense explication de textepossibly misleading. I would expect the text of the Gettysburg Address to have reached us, more or less unchanged.

Once separated from an extensive corpus of prophetical logia, the Islamic revelation became scripture and in time, starting from the fact itself of literary stabilization, was seen to contain a logical structure of its own.