RA Datasheet, RA PDF, RA Data sheet, RA manual, RA pdf, RA, datenblatt, Electronics RA, alldatasheet, free, datasheet, Datasheets, . The transmitter is based on a SAW resonator. The datasheet says, “The RA is a true one-port, surface-acoustic-wave (SAW) resonator in a. 年9月6日 RA datasheet – Tel: +44 Fax: +44 Email: [email protected] The.

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SAW resonators Archives – ACT

Let’s make a mouse trap surveillance system! Gnawing on wires makes a potential fire one of the worst-case scenarios. Why not install some small RF transmitters on some traps? When a rat or mouse gets caught in a trap, the power is applied to the microcontroller. The microcontroller is programmed to send a number after 10 seconds. It will repeat that until the trap is emptied, or the battery is empty.

In this setup, we use two traps and r4433a transmitters. We will transmit one byte of data, and that is the trap number. You can increase the number of traps to an amount that is reasonable for you. The transmitter is based on a SAW resonator. It provides reliable, fundamental-mode, quartz frequency stabilized i. The transmitter work from vDC.


The more volts, the longer the distance. In our circuits the transmitter is connected to 12vDC. The data can be anything from ADC values, temperatures, text, and in our case, a number.

The number represents the trap number. The receiver is a simple regenerative receiver. It receives all kinds of noises, so the first bytes jd be corrupted. To fix udq, we need to synchronize the receiver with the transmitter. When the receiver gets that, it synchronizes, and is ready to receive the data. The antenna for these modules is usually a wire with a solid conductor. To find the correct length of the antenna, you use this formula:. The first division gives us the length of the antenna in meters.

That is for a full wave antenna, udq it is 0. We then divide that with 4, to get a quarter wave antenna. A quarter wave antenna for the MHz frequency is about 17cm long.

We need two different circuits: Here are the two block diagrams. Enable, Register Select and D4-D7. Since we are connecting it this way, we need to make some “library” functions.


datasheet jdq r433a

The functions are init, wrins, wrchr. We need two different pieces of software: Let’s start with the transmitter.

The code is well commented and does not need any further comments. In this article, we have made a rat trap surveillance system. When the trap is emptied, the circuits is off. Give this project a try for yourself! You May Also Like: Circular Touch Sensing with an EFM8 Microcontroller In this project we will develop an algorithm for precisely locating a touch event that occurs somewhere on a circular capacitive sensor.

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