SRXS SUBWOOFER. The SRXS have since been discontinued. SRXS – Dual 18¨, bass-reflex, subwoofer. LF Driver: 2 x JBL H mm ( 18 in). Get the guaranteed best price on Unpowered Stage Subwoofers like the JBL SRXS Dual 18″ Subwoofer at Musician’s Friend. Get a low price and free. JBL Incorporated, Balboa Boulevard, P.O. Box , Northridge, California U.S.A.. JBL SRXS. REV L. PACKAGE. WIRING DIAGRAM.

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The specs from JBL list 3, watts 4 ohms program power, so that’s what you want from your amp. If you still feel your speakers can handle more power, hire a more powerfulk amplifier out, and run that amp as hard as you can WITHOUT clipping that amp either.

That being said, it’s still only one single dB, so don’t worry about that – other factors like whether your current cabs actually need replaced, or whether you can crossrent one or the other more easily locally if needed will be far more important. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

JBL SRX Dual 18″ Subwoofer – Passive Speakers – Speakers – Audio

May 26, I’d never clip an amp. Fast Subscription, Precise Recommendation Product Alert Subscribe to product alert and stay updated to what’s new and popular on the market. I have never owned the SRX S subs. Most audio engineers have two or three tracks they like to play through a system so that they have a reference point for determining the sound of a PA system.


JBL is a well-known name in the sound industry; its loyal fans trust the high acoustic quality of all its products, including the JBL SRX subwoofer. Jack the ripper DJ Nov 6, You have 0 item in your shopping cart. China Subwoofers Audio Speaker Factory with growing trade capacity and capacity for innovation have the greatest potential for growth in retail sales of consumer electronics and appliances.

Speaker Driver Speaker System: I used the as replacement drivers in a pair of Bag End cabinets when the original drivers failed. Is there a marketing “glitch” in JBL’s info about the cabinet? Let me put it this way, some cars can run perfectly at 50 MPH but there are others that don’t come to life up until MPH that’s where they start shining and justify their price.

The only way you could get an idea of what kind of voltage is coming to the speakers is to use a multimeter with the red and black wires touching the corresponding amplifer out terminals. Below are the drivers I used and replaced. I’ve been running my speakers for years that way and I’ve never blown a speaker or melted anything.

Yep, the weight is a little more, but as was referenced in an earlier post, it too is negligible.

Dual 18″ Bass Speaker Material: Dec 21, 15, 2, 47 Mexico City. I own 3 STXS boxes.


You must log in or register mbl reply here. It hit hard and was way more then enough for the room I was in.


If you want to run the SRX with a PLX you’re going to be dissapointed as you’ll run out of amp nowhere near where the speakers have been designed to run. He must have meant the clip lights, because then you’d at least know there was a hell of a lot of voltage a speaker killing clipped signal coming to the speakers, wheras the signal lights just indicate that there’s a signal coming into the amplifier.

I have no need to go further than having the clip lights flicker once in a while to get the walls shaking. So just discover great deals, discounts, promotions and save money on loudspeaker, speaker, sound box. It is a passive subwoofer so it requires an amplifier to push it. Nov 6, 59 1 10 London.

Like every job, it had it’s ups and downs.

Jbl Professional

Yes, saw the power differences between them as being negligible, but wasn’t sure if that was a sign of perhaps a defect in the SRX or a slight improvement jgl speaker design for the STX. What amps do you guys reccomend, taking into account the music styles i’ll be playing through the sub?

I could confidently take these subs into a room of people or so and rock the crowd. Jack the ripper DJ Nov 7, Clip your amp at those freq’s and Poof!!!! You’ll be fine with the