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The password is used to protect the sensitive data during bootstrapping. To enable provisioning service driven interactions despite this limitation, the phone can be configured to periodically poll the provisioning service, or a special proxy, for new messages.

Available with OpenStage V3. No change for hours pwd-minreset-period Integer 0 to 24 Specifies a period before a password is allowed to be changed again.

The status of the feature can be monitored via the LED associated to the key. New passwords must not match any password in the gebraucy. There are 4 categories of voicemail messages: The POST method is used. Trap destination port snmp-trapport Integer Port number Default: The contact-me message from the provisioning server is omitted for brevity.


OpenStage Provisioning Interface Developer’s Guide |

Bar repeat length pwdsequencelength Integer 0 to 24, but not 1 Specifies the maximum with 1 set as val- number of consecutive ue, no password uses of a character. This service communicates directly with the SIP stack.

The required certificates and private keys are generated, managed and distributed by provisioning service. The intsrnen has the ability to originate, receive and otherwise control calls on each of these address appearances.

Sent to the priovisioning service to identify phone software type. A line is automatically reserved for the keyset whenever the user has selected a line for an outgoing call and hears a dial tone.

Session duration session seconds duration Integer Number of seconds. Hereupon, the phone sends back the modified items.


Difference minutes daylightsave-minutes Integer 60 Time difference in relation to regular time when daylight saving time is in effect. Like with every startup, the phone will send a startup message see Section 3.

See the following example: Knternen deployment on the phone, the credentials must be prepared as follows: Passwords no longer used are kept in history lists for the user and admin passwords to prevent reuse of past passwords.


This problem is solved with firmware version V3. CleanUp An interaction is terminated when the phone receives a CleanUp message from the provisioning service.

Show ringing Label for the key. For this purpose, the provisioning service sends a message with Action set to ReadItems. Cre single cer- item received from ated from Further configuration is done via the provisioning service.

OpenStage Provisioning Interface Developer’s Guide

NULL Password corresponding to the user name. The following mode keys can be used to start an XML application: NULL Default network route for the phone. The mode without mutual authentication is called Default Mode.

When a setting has been indicated as unchangeable its activated status and destination address become read only. See also Section 6. When configured on the phone, a press on x or Messages will invoke this application. Filethpe the phone is busy, it will send an appropriate message to the provisioning service see Section 3.