Manuals or user guides for your HP DesignJet T in Printer. HP DesignJet T and T Printer Series. Using your The only warranties for HP products and services are set .. Web Services manual configuration. Service Manual and more parts for CRA DesignJet t in eprinter.

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Disconnect all cables from the Scanner Controller Board. The Sensors test starts and the Touch Control Panel prompts you to check default sensor positions.

If the display list memory that the product needs is greater than the dedicated file processing memory available, the product will show an out-of-memory message SE Disassemble metal casing before installing it. Switch the power off from the back of the product and disconnect the power cord. Open the ferrite and remove from the cable this action is required to be able to pass the harness under the arc.

This product cannot be identified by Serial Number alone. Remove the Right Cover from the product. Asia Pacific and Oceania.

HP DESIGNJET T1300 ePrinter series Service Manual

Check the condition and connections of the Scanner Power cable, if necessary replace the cable. Remove the Front Cover on page Switch off the product and remove the power cable.

Right Cover Removal Switch off the product and remove the power cable. Page A light profile with an about 20 pixel drop can be a contaminated lens in the CIS module. If there is a wrinkled mass of paper inside the paper path, lift the Pinch wheels using Media Lever and clear the obstruction.


Lift up the Front Top Cover by adjusting the trims. Only scan the Calibration Pattern in the product that was used to actually print it. Unplug the motor encoder cable.

HP Designjet T / T / T series. Service Manual

Unclip the cable holder from underneath the primer do not discard it as the part will be reused. Rest the basket’s rear tubes on the supports that you have just fitted to each leg of the stand.

In some cases, particularly after resetting the product to factory defaults, it may take desingjet long as 5 minutes to obtain an IP configuration. Cannot retrieve IP addess Corrective action: The Touch Control Panel prompts you to load the paper. Unroute the Scan-Axis Motor supply cable from the cable clamp.

A completely flat light profile in one color or all colors can either be one specific LED or the entire CIS module that is faulty. Remove four T screws and remove the Front Roller Cover. Detach all cables from the Roll Support.

Remove the Scanner Position Sensor from the holder, unclip it by pushing the retaining clips in the direction shown. Press and release the Power key to switch on the product.

Assemble back the straight bushing and screw as shown in the picture. Press OK to proceed or Cancel to exit.

HP Designjet T790 / T1300 / T2300 series. Service Manual

Scan Axis Test The Scan Axis subsystem is designed to move the carriage assembly between two predetermined horizontal positions with respect to the plane of the print platen. Before continuing with the After installing a new CIS element thoroughly clean the Scanner of dust and dirt and perform the Scanner Calibration, see Calibrate the Scanner on page Make sure that the cable length is now mm long from the knot to the connector.


Page File System Check The File System Check checks the file system on the hard disk and automatically corrects any problems that it finds.

Remove the paper from Roll 2. manuap

Unlatch the CIS Cover. The Touch Control Panel then prompts you push down Piston 0. Page of Go.

Clean the roller at the center support section, you can push with a dust cloth, while moving the center support from the print zone area and from the center support area. Perform the Line Sensor Calibration in the following cases.

Remove the RFID tag support. Remove the Right Ink Cartridge Door. Remove all the t3100 and insert them alone one by one, Closing the latch and the carriage cover after every insertion. Power Cable from Main. Remove the four screws shown in the pictures.

HP Designjet T T T Series Service Manual | eBay

Remove the RFID support. Press on the Replace Printhead tab. Secure the left bumper to the product with a T screw. Open the upper roll cover and press OK.

Put the tie in position and pull from the cable to the front so that the cable goes straight to the other end.

Remove the other bumper in the same way. The Touch Control Panel displays the following screen, press ok. Remove T screw that secures the Taco Wheel and remove.