First published in and out of print for the past 40 years (except for a handsome limited edition from Centipede Press), Guy Endore’s “The. The Werewolf of Paris. Guy Endore .. But in the torrid atmosphere of Paris, a nodding acquaintance ripens quickly to intimacy. At any rate among Americans. The Werewolf of Paris by Guy Endore – book cover, description, publication history.

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His upbringing interested me because while reading this book I was sure that it was a French author being that the book is deliciously grim with French sensibilities and steeped in revolution that, toward the end, came across as more of a history of Paris during one of the French Revolutions than a book about good old murderous werewolfing.

What could be more apropos? There were chapters that were VERY engaging and interesting, peppered with a few that had a bunch of ugy historical information that both was and wasn’t relevant to the telling of the tale.

The Werewolf of Paris – Wikipedia

I can only hope some lesson can be learned from the mistakes of the past: There are some recognizable elements, such parls the brief usage of a silver bullet early on in the story, but other things like the full moon are entirely absent. All the bloodshed and cruelty has spoiled Paris for me, it would seem. When his uncle finds out what has happened Bertrand flees to Paris, where he gets caught up in the turmoil of the Franco-Prussian war.

The characters were strong enough to carry the story, but the author for some reason thought it prudent to keep stepping away from the plot to fit in random facts that barely related. Like Draculait’s a far more sprawling narrative than initially expected, with the backdrop of the Franco-Prussian War giving the second half such a rich tapestry to paint the themes against.


The Werewolf of Paris by Guy Endore

The novel is actually mainly concerned with lycanthropy as a metaphor for human viciousness, and especially for the horrors of war and revolution much of the action takes place during the Franco-Prussian War of and the subsequent violence and civil war surrounding the establishment of the Paris Commune. In this beautifully written novel fromwe learn the history of one Bertrand Caillet, the product of a lecherous priest with a sinister family history raping a French peasant girl in the early s.

I think I pariis enjoyed an abridged version very much. I quite enjoyed it, and found the historical events better for the horror, and the horror better for the historical events.

The section dealing with his adolescence and Bertrand’s relationship with this stepfather is also pretty compelling, especially the evening hunts for Bertrand in wolf form. It is no coincidence that, walking past a butcher shop one day, Aymar sees the butcher and thinks he is Father Pitamont, the priest who raped Josephine and sired Bertrand.

The Werewolf of Paris

I recommend this book to werewolf fans who are interested to see how the genre has progressed over the last 70 years and also to those who enjoy historical supernatural fiction. His appetite seems to be tamed by a raw meat diet, so the young man is allowed to attend school in Paris. Man, the body with the erect spine, before which the horizontal spines of the animal world must grovel. We’re featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book.

Looking for beautiful books? Likewise, it is a little light on the typical trappings of the werewolf legend turning under the full moon, silver bullets, wolfsbane, etc. Like any classic werewolf book this is unfortunately not so much a story of someone that turns into a wolf under a full moon and goes around eating people, but is a story of the nature of man and his battle between civility and his desire for lust and murder.


They were sold to a butcher who catered to the wealthy. No matter that this book is a true example of high-quality literary fiction.

Really, the werewolf, and I mean the actual werewolf and not the pathological notion of man stuff, is only present in a small percentage of this book. I decided to challenge myself further by choosing one banned in my home country and wasn’t I surprised when I found this book on the list.

The Werewolf of Paris : A Novel

An a vast fear. I at once sympathized with and despised Bertrand, I was appropriately horrified by his relationship with young and beautiful Sophie as well as his mother But unlike Draculait’s not as dated in its morality, with far more ethically grey characters which aren’t easy to paint as good or evil.

The Paris section of the book is extensive and slowly expands the scope of the novel from the individual fate of Bertrand to the struggle of millions to survive first the siege of the Prussians, then the wetewolf rule of the Communards and finally the brutal repression by Government loyalists. Oct 28, Eric rated it really liked it. Were wolfie catch The last fourth of the book, was such a let down.

The report indicates that the grave of one “Sieur C Unbeknownst to Aymar, Bertrand suffers in a small cell, drugged when he is visited gug his uncle. And he is ever ready to swindle their families to increase his own wealth. There were a lot of things to like about this book, but by the same token, there were a lot of low points.