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Geheimakte 2 – Puritas Cordis e. The cursor indicates possible interactions with people and objects. Use the magnifying glass SnoopKey to highlight objects and action points on the screen. Use the dairy for checking immediate broad objectives as well as for hints for puzzles. The game allows multiple saves. The game is overall linear and does not allow wrong usage of items. While the game is bug-free, save often to avoid replaying sequences. Introduction The game starts with a movie that shows Brother Matthew of the Parish Church of St.

Mary the Virgin being stalked by unknown entities as he leaves the church for the night. Soon, he is shot by two men in combat gear, who tunguka looking for a parchment supposed to be in his possession.

He gets up the close a window and sees the men in combat gear outside his door. Pick up the book on the desk. Read the sheet on the desk: William Patterson and Lucie Forrester have both reserved the book.

Parrey wants to hide the manuscript so that only Patterson finds it. Put the manuscript in the book. Leave the room by the door next to the bookshelf.

Look at the lecture schedule on the wall. To ensure that Patterson gets the book before Forrester in the morning. Move Patterson to the 9: Move Forrester to the 7: Nina is startled but begins her voyage nonetheless. Once the ship sails and Nina is in her oomplettlsung, she notices that her suitcase has been exchanged with that of one, Mr. Day 1 Pick up the roller skate in the kompletlsung. Leave the cabin to sort out the matter of exchanged suitcases.

Geheimakte 2 – Puritas Cordis (e) Lösung / Walkthrough

Talk to the tourist. Go to the reception. Talk to the depressed passenger. Take some marzipan potatoes from the bowl on the counter.


Geheimakte 2 – Puritas Cordis (e)

Ring the bell on the counter, which is somehow damaged by this. Inform the porter about the suitcase. Patterson, the owner of the suitcase, died in an accident. Nina goes to sleep to end the afternoon. Go to the reception and add the roller skate to the UFO. Slide the UFO over the window. Return to the corridor. Go to the reception, and exit to the sundeck. Take the ice bucket from the bar. Take the blanket from beside the lounger. Exit left to the poolside.

Fill the bucket with water from the pool. Add blanket to the filled bucket to create cleaning equipment. Go towards cabins 4 and 5. Take the oar displayed on the wall. Take the flashlight from the wall next to cabin 5. Use oar and cleaning equipment to tinguska extended cleaning utensils. Enter the laundry room.

Add soap from soap konplettlsung to the extended cleaning utensils. Use extended cleaning utensils on the dirty geheimaakte. Use the flashlight on the clean window. The new note says that the next clue is at the back of the ship. Return to the corridor of cabins 4 and 5. There is a photo stuck to the back of the painting. Enter the laundry room and use the painting with escaping steam. The note says that Max should see a doctor for his broken leg.

Slide the photo under the door of the sick bay. She returns the bikini to the case. Go tunguskaa the reception and report the missing handbag to the porter. Go to the restaurant. Watch the segment on Puritas Cordis on TV. Take the kompplettlsung and the bottle opener.

Go to the sundeck. Talk to the barkeep. Take the life-preserver, toothpicks and a CD from the bar. Take the poster hanging on the pillar. Exit to the poolside. The tourist is out of sunscreen and wants Nina to get him some. Exit to the reception. A strange man invites Nina to dinner to discuss the events on the ship. Go to the corridor of cabins 4 and 5.


Feng Li is waiting for his laundry to be completed. Enter the laundry room and take the fabric from the basket. Fill the sunscreen tube with soap from the soap dispenser. Use the bottle opener on the bell to unscrew it. Tell Feng Li about the broken bell. Put the red socks and the white bathrobe in the machine to get a wet pink bathrobe.

Go up to the upper deck. Use the wet bathrobe with the ventilation fan to get a dry bathrobe. Use the fabric with the life preserver and the roses to create a hat like Ms. Use hat with bathrobe to get Ms. Go komplettlsyng the poolside.

Give the sunscreen tube with soap to the narcissistic tourist. Take the sunglasses from the table once he turns over. Use the sunglasses with unfinished costume to get disguise.

Put the komplettpsung on Nina. Hang the bell from the bolt on the wall next to the reception. Use the bottle opener to ring the bell. Talk to the porter. Give the poster to the porter. Use the CD with the counter to see Ms. Return to the sundeck, put the disguise on Nina and take the key-card to Room 2 from the barkeep.

Return to the sundeck and talk to Ms.

Day 3 Nina peeps in through the porthole of cabin 5, and sees a man with a wig posing as the doctor. Go to the sick bay.

Something is wrong with Ms. Komplettsung to the upper deck and talk to the Captain. Talk to Feng Li at the reception. Put the magazine in the empty photo frame beside the door.

Take the aluminium foil from the floor.