risco de queda e esta avaliação deve basear-se na utilização de escalas, for the Portuguese language. . Barthel modificado, uma avaliação da atividade. Psychometric validation pending, Portuguese clinicians and researchers have an appropriate range of tools to .. Barthel Index (BI) – Versão Validação portuguesa da escala Functional Assessment of Communication .. Impairment Mini – Mental State Modificado (MMSM) (Matos, ; Matos & Jesus, b) – under. Dec 16, Caros colegas aquilo q eu sei acerca da escala de Barthel que foi validada e adapatada populao portuguesa, em e

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A review of functional status evaluation instruments in the elderly. The Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment is characterized as a functional and interdisciplinary evaluation. The first step is the assessment of functional status, which lies at the core of the procedure dee can be defined by the level at which an individual performs roles and activities of daily living.

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Such assessment dd be carried out by instruments questionnaires whose conceptual framework and psychometric properties must be well-defined. The present study systematically reviewed published data on the properties of the functional status measurement instruments and their adaptation and use in Brazil, through a search of the medical literature in reference textbooks and the LILACS and MEDLINE databases.

After selection of the instruments, the next step consisted of a systematic scrutiny of validation, replication, and cultural adaptation studies.

Thirty instruments were included according to explicit criteria. However, some of these were apparently used in this country without any formal adaptation. Secala cultural adaptation of functional status measurement instruments is incomplete and inconsistent in Brazil. Geriatric Assessment; Frail Elderly; Validity. Nenhum foi adaptado para o contexto brasileiro, embora o Barthel tenha sido utilizado em dois estudos no Brasil.


Quinze dos instrumentos podem ser auto-administrados. O FAQ necessita de um software fornecido pelo autor.

escala de barthel modificado pdf creator

Vinte estudos de validade e confiabilidade foram encontrados, conforme indicado na Tabela 1. Os estudos de modifiicada e confiabilidade do SF foram qualificados como excelentes Tabela 4. A escolha de um ou mais instrumentos depende do ambiente operacional e dos objetivos.

Instrumentos longos, neste caso, tornariam a AGA por demais extensa e pouco eficaz. O Index Medicus tem sido cada vez menos utilizado e instrumentos exclusivamente referenciados nesta base tendem a porhugal obsoletos e pouco utilizados. Dentre mais de sessenta instrumentos localizados inicialmente, um pouco menos da metade acabou selecionada.

Varthel dois instrumentos concebidos no Brasil C. Reichenheim participou das etapas: Ebrahim S, Kalache A, editors. Epidemiology in old age.

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Revista Acta Fisiátrica

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escala de barthel modificado pdf creator – PDF Files

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The Duke Health Profile. A item measure of health and dysfunction. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Services on Demand Journal. How modificsda cite this article.