Get user or pdf manual for your Dell Inspiron Inspiron Support for Inspiron Change product · Change product · Diagnostics · Support topics &. | Dell™ Inspiron™ Series. Owner’s Manual. Model DCMF Page 1 Monday, October 6, AM. Released June , the Dell Inspiron is the first desktop in the Inspiron product line. Dell Inspiron troubleshooting, repair, and service manuals.

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Before removing memory, you must remove the PCI Express x16 card.

Page device driver — See driver. Do not touch the fan blades when you are removing the chassis fan.

Customizing The Start Menu To connect a network cable, first plug the cable into the network device and then plug it into the computer. To create a wizard disk, use your new computer with Windows XP and perform the following steps: Used to set the device priority of hard drives.

Removing The System Board See sound CDs, 27 playing, 25 Check Disk, 60 CMOS settings battery clearing, problems, 57 replacing, computer beep codes, 80 beep codes, 80 components inside, BIOS, crashes, boot sequence, inside view, changing, restore to previous state, Laptop Computer Batteries Dell Diagnostics Main Menu Page computer cover front of computer 4 Release the computer cover by pulling it away from the front of the computer and lifting it up.

Dell INSPIRON s Series Manuals

To comply with FCC regulations, it is recommended that you replace the drive panel insert whenever the floppy drive is removed from the computer. Page Service Tag — A bar code label on your computer that identifies your computer when you access Dell Support at support. Also, before you connect a cable, ensure that both connectors are correctly oriented and aligned. Ground yourself by touching an unpainted metal surface on the back of the computer.


Page Plug the system into a different outlet so that the system and the receiver are on different branch circuits. Video And Monitor Problems Because the data in Page IRQ — interrupt request — An electronic pathway assigned to a specific device so that the device can communicate with the processor.

Page of Go.

Removing the Support Bracket. Shopping Securely Over The Internet Double-check all cable connections to make sure they are secure.

Power DC power supply: When reinstalling the fan, ensure that you do not pinch the wires that run between the system board and the fan. Your computer supports DDR2 memory. Abbreviations And Acronyms Reproduction in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of Dell Inc.

Discard used batteries according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Dell INSPIRON 530s Series Manuals

When you perform this operation, all data on the RAID drives will be lost. Do not operate your equipment with any cover s including computer covers, bezels, filler brackets, front-panel inserts, etc. Page – Definition of “Dell-Installed” Software Connecting To The Internet Clearing Cmos Settings Pci And Pci Express Cards If a cell failure occurs, subsequent read and write del are directed to the surviving drive.


Searching For A File inspion You must route these cables properly when you replace them to prevent them from being pinched or crimped. You should install your original memory modules in pairs either in: Power Plan Properties Note the routing of the DC power cables underneath the tabs in the computer chassis as you remove them from the system board and drives.

Dell Support Utility If you are adding a floppy drive, see Installing a Floppy Drive. Got it, continue to print. To guard against likelihood of electric shock, laceration by moving fan blades or other unexpected injuries, be sure to unplug your computer from its electrical outlet before installing any cards.

For additional information on the type of memory supported by your computer, see “Memory” on page Before You Start If available, install good memory of the same type into your computer see “Installing Memory” on page To avoid damage to the drive, do not set it on a hard surface.

Hibernate Mode Because hibernate mode requires a special file on your hard drive with enough disk space to store the contents of the computer memory, Dell creates an appropriately sized hibernate mode file before shipping the computer to you.

The inside view of your computer may vary based on the computer model.