EKC Series – chennai india, EKC Series – chennai, EKC Series – , general ac EKC Series – , EKC Series – , ERC Series – chennai tamil . RI8NB R INSTRUCTIONS. EKC D (B). R Type: Pt Instructions RI8NB © Danfoss 05/ EKC D. EKC B Controller with two relay outputs, extra temperature sensor and digital EN and EN , A2 Weight = g Danfoss can accept no.

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Controller for temperature control – EKC Manual |

When the controller demands refrigeration it danfows first cut in the compressor with the shortest operating time. Danfoss reserves the right to alter its products without notice. Access code 1 Access to all settings If the settings in the controller are to be protected with an access code you can set a numerical value between 0 and You obtain this by pushing the upper button for a couple of seconds – you will then enter the column with parameter codes.

Relays The general connections are: China Good Quality Box type condenser Supplier. Temperature control, defrost control, fan control, panel embedded installation of small refrigeration equipment and cold storage The controller is simple to install, 16A high current relay output can not directly load intermediate relays, such as compressors, defrosting without parts, etc. When the thermostat calls for refrigeration will the compressor relay be operated. Either with r12 or a DI-input S Push the middle adnfoss until the parameter value is shown 4.

Condenser temperature alarm E1: Roof mounted industrial Electrical defrosting air cooler low temperature DJ series for cold room.

All outputs are Off. After two seconds you can move back into the mennu again and check whether the copying was satisfactory. The set value can be locked or limited to a range with the settings in r02 and r Integrated refrigeration-technical functions Defrost on demand in 1: The key can contain up to 25 different sets.


Activation of reference displacement When the function is changed to Dkc the thermostat differential will be increased by the value in r OFF-time Time delay for cutin of comp. If you have skype or whatsapp, pls tell me, we can chat more smoothly. Check delivery time and costs. Standby position stopped refrigeration via r12 or DI input A After two seconds you can move into the menu again and check whether the copying was satisfactory.

Alarm will be given when the input is short-circuited. The running times are not observed when defrosts start. Access code 2 Access to adjustments There is w to adjustments of values, but not to configuration settings. Easy product returns Buy a product and check it in your own time, at home. Defrost in progress S The controller will then start a defrost cycle.

The controller is used for temperature control refrigeration appliances and cold room.

But before you change the value, you must have access to the menu. S5 is a defrost eekc and is used if defrost has to be stopped based on temperature. Find the parameter code you want to change and push the middle buttons until value for the parameter is shown. The alarm will not become active until the set time delay has been passed. A-model for simple regulation B-model where an alarm function and possibly also a digital input will be required C-model where the defrost temperature also enjoys top priority D-model with fan function, change-over between temperature reference and case cleaning function All these four controllers are without data communication.

Danfoss Temperature controller – EKC 102

Only the function belonging to the selected application can be seen. The value is set via a push on the centre button.

Defrost The controller contains a timer function that is zeroset after each defrost start. When the defrost starts the defrost timers are set at zero. If you push the top button in this situation you can see the alarm report in the display.


Fan Fan stopped at cut-out compressor Here you can select whether the fan is to be stopped when the compressor is cut out Delay of fan stop when compressor is cut out If you have chosen to stop the fan when the compressor is cut out, you can delay the fan stop when the compressor has stopped.

OFF-time in minutes Time delay for couplings of two compressors Settings indicate the time that has to elapse from the first relay cuts in and until the next relay has to cut in. If there is a status code, it will be elc on the display.

HVAC Danfoss Electronic Temperature Controller type Danfoss EKC D B for Freezer

The defrost temperature cannot be displayed. When the temperature passes a set allowed variation the defrost will be started. Defrost on demand — aggregate refrigeration time Set here is the refrigeration time allowed without defrosts.

There is no danfosd delay. Renewed cutin after defrost can be accomplished based on time or temperature.

The value is the same as the one set ekv night setback, but will only be raised if the value is positive. When copying has started the display returns to o Signal from DI input A Digital input Can be used for the following functions: Interval between defrost starts The function is zeroset and will start the timer function at each defrost start.

When the time has expired the function will start a defrost. Defrosting S20 Emergency cooling S25 Manual control of outputs S32 Delay of output at start-up non The defrost temperature cannot be displayed. Defrost is started at fixed time intervals, say, every eighth hour Refrigeration time: Pyskowicka 24, Zabrze is the administrator of the personal data provided by you in the above form.