In the caged depths of an urban reservoir lives a monstrous creature. Its existence is unknown to anyone except the teenage boy who feeds it. Six years ago it. Beast. Ally Kennen, Author Push $ (p) ISBN The book’s central conflict revolves around the title beast, a crocodile given to. BEAST. by Ally Kennen. Age Range: 14 & up. BUY NOW FROM Captive in an iron cage near the local reservoir’s shore, the beast survives.

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The Beast is Stephen’s biggest secret — and also his biggest challenge.

He is clearly intelligent, but crippled in this regard by a patchy formal education and the usual delinquent distrust of book-learning; he shows embarrassment at his kenen interest in biological or geographical matters, at one point even apologising to the reader: JRlibrary Apr 20, All Shortlists and Winners.

This book is fantastic!! What he thinks is his little secret isn’t so much. Books by Ally Kennen.

Beast (Kennen novel) – Wikipedia

The character of Stephen himself is strongly sketched. It’s okay that it actually just was a huge crocodile but it could’ve been clearer from the start, would’ve erased some annoying shadowy shapes from my imagination. There are no discussion topics on wlly book yet.

This book is about so many things In the first page he sets his stall out pretty clearly, with his worst-things-I’ve-done list, which includes theft, vandalism, arson besst Hardcoverpages.


Just before Chas was released from prison, he is told that Lenny was acquitted because of the absence of proof and that he is on the way to England.

Beast First edition cover. I wish you a good read. All these elements brew together to create a somewhat gruesome but still compelling metaphorical story, sort of like a train wreck you can’t look away from. It is narrated by Stephen, a seventeen year old boy, who is also the protagonist of this novel.

The Future Fire: review dj-kennen

I thought it was kinda sad how his life was had to be in a foster care his whole I thought that the beast by Ally Kennen was weriod and intresting at the same time. The Only thing Kennn felt a little bit cheated on was the backstory of the main character. And the bars are about to break. What started as game evolved into a nightmare: Beast Written by Ally Kennen. Stephen is a boy with many secrets, and the Beast is the biggest.

Beast by Ally Kennen. It began to make more sense, have a bit more life to it as well. Kenndn every bit of it! Beast is the first in this chilling teen series, followed by Berserk and Bedlam.

Listened to the audiobook version of this. Its mysterious beginning will grab your attention, and the rest of the book will have you on the edge of your seat.

Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist. May 04, Nikkita rated it it was amazing. Beast is a young adult novel by Ally Kennenpublished in Omgg Im Reading Beast Now!



When he was acc What first caught my eye was the book cover. Stephen’s crippled relationships with everyone around him, his lack of enthusiasm about everything in his life except things he can’t talk to anyone else about, and his essential GOODNESS as a person, a son, and a human being, are fascinating to read.

Stephen, the main character, starts the book with a list of the worst things he’s done in his life. Beast Synopsis In the depths of a reservoir lives a monstrous creature.

Kennan takes an unrealistic situation and makes it not only realistic, but hopeful. As with some of our books chosen for teenage readers this one will be enjoyed just as much by adults. Read an Extract Compare Prices. He feeds it whenever he dares to get away, and with whatever meat he can find or afford: Genuinely frightening, and I loved the main character.

Gulped it down in one sitting. It has been shortlisted for the Manchester Book Award [1] and longlisted for the Carnegie Medal. For four years he has kept a terrifying creature locked up in a remote hiding place. Aug 27, Sarah rated it liked it Shelves: It was an easy read and was interesting enough, I’m just not sure there was a point.