AeroGarden Users Manual details for FCC ID 2AJNO made by AeroGrow International, Inc.. Document Includes User Manual Users Manual. PRO – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: 16 . *Seeds not included MASTER GARDENER English Plant & Grow Your Own Seeds* GUIDE Quick, Plug & Grow TM Planting with Your Own Seeds CONT.

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Once roots extend from Grow Sponges, start adding nutrients see pages for feeding recommendations. If notcheck to see if: If your seeds do not germinate, the first thing to check is the expiration date on aetogarden seed packet. You may be able to prune some plants in your Garden to achieve this.

It is important to select plants that will not grow taller than this — or to choose plants that can be pruned to stay within this height restriction, such as basil. Before moving your AeroGarden, consult your Quick Start Guide to see how light timer is affected when your model is unplugged. Look for signs of improvement on new plant growth.

A hard outer coat on a seed may also hinder germination. The lights and pump will remain on 24 hours a day. At a quick glance, flower buds can look a bit like dead blossoms see below. Page of 16 Go. To move your AeroGarden, be sure to pick it up by holding the Lamp Arm with one hand and sliding your other hand under the bottom of the Base.


Keeping a watchful eye on plants will be the best way to learn the ideal nutrient regime. Don’t show me this message again. Also harvest by cutting just above a termination point where one stem meets another. Page 5 Place Your Garden Under: Despite all your planning, you may find a plant in your garden that is growing faster than the others.

A sturdy, water- tolerant surface Metal surfaces may cause noise due to vibration Asrogarden Also, remember to remove stems that shade other plants in your garden. In addition, plants that require very dry conditions and have very low water requirements, such as cactus and succulents, will not thrive in an AeroGarden.

Press Bio-Dome down until its rim almost touches Grow Surface. Grow Bulbs will come on. Aedogarden when the lights are off. These limits are de- signed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. When choosing seeds, look for dwarf or miniature varieties. A number of vegetables and shrubs root very easily, but stem cuttings from tree species can be difficult to root.

AeroGarden Classic 100710-BLK Manuals

This will give plants room to grow and assure they get the light they need. Replacement bulbs can be ordered from your retailer or at www. Plant a garden with plants N utrients that have similar growth rates and heights, like Salad Greens shown. Don’t have an account? Can the Grow Sponges be re-used? When this occurs, remove Domes from each Grow Pod and save for your next Garden. Within a few weeks you should start to see roots extend from the Grow Sponges.


Try to do this without ripping or removing Pod Label. Typically, 6 seeds per Grow Pod works well.

Aerogarden Classic BLK Manuals

If using a root-promoting compound, apply it at this time. Use it as a starting point for selecting a nutrient regime. An electric toothbrush works well. Make sure Grow Bulb s are firmly inserted in Lamp Hood. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Once roots are seen, start with Set Up regime, then use the appropriate plant type regime.

How do I care for my Garden when I go out of town?

Aerogarden 7-Pod Manuals

As long as your plants get this amount of light, it does not matter when the lights are turned off. All Grow Surface Openings should contain a Grow Pod or be covered by a moisture-tolerant covering see page 7. The best way to figure out where to place tie is to gently push on main stem with your fingers, testing for strength and ability to support the plant.

Use only approved and supplied parts and accessories. Remove non-germinated seeds or dead cutting. This, aerogaredn with pruning, can alleviate some shading problems. Push Lamp Arm down until