Actuate Active Portal Security Extension (APSE) Actuate BIRT iHub Usage and Error Log Consolidator Actuate Information Delivery API (IDAPI). “Hi I’m trying to use the Actuate IDAPI client for Java to log in to a server and download files. I have set up an actuate user and when I log on to. How to connect webservices client to Actuate iServer 7 OR to be more specific.. What is servlet container path in Actuate iServer 7. Please help.

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To access the cache, iHub creates a handle. The event result value is either 1 or 0, indicating success or failure.

By default, the DefaultPartition path is: Figure Default Partition path The administrator can change the location of the primary partition, but cannot remove it. Alternatively, type another value. The status of the volume is online or offline.

The administrator can create different templates that use different images for machines with varying computing capacities and resources. For ReportingSoft, the success of a project requires not only skills but also strong common values. Two nodes have the Message Distribution service enabled in the cluster in the preceding acttuate. These settings are per connection, therefore all queries on the particular connection use the same setting.

You configure templates to perform tasks, such as generating and printing documents.

To use the proxy, install it under its own context root on your application server. The information object does not use Encyclopedia version information, such as file ID or version number.


Viewing starts when a user runs a design to create a document or selects an existing document in either Information Console or Management Console. Choose the left arrow to move the partition from Selected partitions to Available partitions.

To specify multiple values, the LDAP user object attributes for a privilege template list and an Encyclopedia volume channel membership list must be multivalued. This can cause conflicts if you need to have different implementations for different volumes. The default status of a new resource group wctuate Disabled. Install an RSSE application on an Encyclopedia volume to run in its own location on idapl by performing the following tasks: Figure Making server assignments to the new resource group Choose OK.

How to start a new node To start an offline node that is not currently part of the cluster, but is configured to be part of the cluster, perform the following tasks: If you are using page-level security and change the assignments in the users. Rogue Wave Software, Inc.: Table describes actuzte properties that appear on Volumes—Properties—Events.

Actuate Admin and Architect | Dallas, TX job

On View Service, in View process cache for executables, the default value for Max cache time-out is seconds. The software may be used only in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

A resource group allocates a set of Factory processes in a stand-alone iHub or in a cluster for executing jobs assigned to the resource group.

The following sections describe actuat most common configurations. Contact us Back to the menu.

Actuate API Reference

Idxpi, disable the cache by deselecting this option. A message says that the license updated successfully. Skip to main content. Alternatively, type a positive integer that represents the maximum number of rows. Alternatively, the administrator can set the necessary environment variables in setsrvrenv and run this script before restarting an instance.


When allocating disk space for the directory, consider the maximum amount of memory required to process the information object data and the maximum number of concurrent information objects that iHub can run. You can use a proxy from a third-party vendor or the Actuate proxy. Also get an email with jobs recommended just for me.

The e-mail message can contain a URL that includes a hyperlink to a design or document and the location of the Message Distribution service MDS for connecting to an iHub where the document resides. When iHub updates the cache data, it updates all of the data from the data source, not just the new or changed data. Infosmart Systems Inc – Programmer Analyst.

Figure shows the list of Java View service configuration categories. In some cases, such as when an application service provider hosts services, a separate physical structure is part of the logical design. The Factory sorts, groups, and aggregates data in the buffer. By default, the Microsoft Vista firewall blocks port Figure Configuring the Requests property 3 In Max SOAP request threads, accept the default value, 8, or alternatively, specify a different value.