A Monotonic Superclass Linearization for Dylan. Kim Barrett . Bob Cassels [email protected]>. Paul Haahr. In computing, the C3 superclass linearization is an algorithm used primarily to obtain the order It was first published at the OOPSLA conference, in a paper entitled “A Monotonic Superclass Linearization for Dylan”. It was adapted to the. The C3 superclass linearization algorithm is more intuitive and allows for greater monotonicity of method orderings, a consistent superclass linearization.

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A monotonic superclass linearization for Dylan. View in Source Cite this paper.

Object-oriented languages with multiple inheritance and automatic conflict resolution typically use a linearization of superclasses to determine which version of a property to inherit when several superclasses provide definitions.

Recent work has defined several desirable characteristics for linearizations, the most important being monotonicity, which prohibits inherited properties from skipping over direct superclasses.


A Monotonic Superclass Linearization for Dylan – Semantic Scholar

Combined with Dylan’s sealing mechanism, a monotonic linearization enables some compile-time method selection that would otherwise be impossible in the absence of a closed-world assumption.

The Dylan linearization supegclass monotonic, easily described, strictly observes local precedence order, and produces the same ordering as CLOS when that is monotonic. We present an implementation based on merging and a survey of class heterarchies from several large programs, analyzing where commonly used linearizations differ. Linearization Closed-world assumption Computer science Monotonic function Object-oriented programming Clos network Mathematical optimization Merge version control Multiple inheritance.

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C3 linearization

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