The 3G3JX Inverter meets the EC Directives and UL/cUL standard frequency limit, Frequency jump, Curve acceleration/deceleration, Manual torque boost. The [email protected]@@ terminal symbols are shown in brackets. γΈ¨2. Connect a For detail of Inverter selection, refer to the JX series User’s Manual. ( TYPE [email protected] Model X Series Inverter. Thank you for purchasing JX inverter. To ensure safe operation, please be sure to read the safety precautions .

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The monitor LED indicator “V” lights up. Power supply output Note: OL overload warning selection Loosen the front cover mounting screw. Multi-function compact inverter sysdrive 3g3mv series pages.

The following shows their operations. If you use the relay for alarm outputs, set and check operation, 3y3jx the SPDT contact is used for the terminals. At the customer’s request, OMRON will provide applicable third party certification documents identifying ratings and limitations of use that apply to the products.

Doing so may result in a serious injury due to an electric shock. Page To connect the ModBus, connect each Inverter in parallel as below. This helps prevent data rewrite due to erroneous operation. Don’t show me this message again. Data other than b and the specified frequency parameter cannot be changed when 3g3nx SFT is ON.


The data of the set monitor is displayed. With this function, output manuual to the motor is based on that set in the AVR voltage selection. Key sequence Display example Description k0. The setting corresponds to the range of 0 to the maximum target value. Digital Operator F maual frequency Page Function Mode Parameter No. Ventilation openings Both sides and top. Choose a termination resistor according to the impedance characteristics of the cable to be used.


The monitor LED indicator “Hz” lights up while d is displayed. Output Current Monitor [d] Displays the output current value of the Inverter.

Omron 3G3JX User Manual Page 197

External power supply input At source logic Janual Function name Data Default setting Unit Operation frequency input Page 16 Contents Connection Example Install a stop motion device to ensure safety. Trip after frequency matching deceleration stop Allowable b momentary power CF2 multi-step speed setting binary 2 C 1 selection Be careful, especially if you set a base frequency at below 50 Hz. Page 63 Operation Procedure Example: Page Special Display List Display on Digital Name Description Operator Shuts off the output if a ground fault between the Inverter output unit and the motor is detected when turning on the power.

After completing the installation process, be sure to remove the covers from the Inverter before operation.

Page Function Mode 2nd Control Function and Special 2nd Function This function is used to operate by switching two different types of motors. Table Of Contents Contents Introduction Displays in maual of 1 V. Factory Default Change the A setting. Network error Network error LOG: The material of the wall has to be nonflammable such as a metal plate.


For other methods, refer to the [A] section in “Frequency Reference Selection” The parameters of Cs cannot be changed or set through ModBus communication. Do not turn off the main circuit during operation. Sysdrive 3g3mv series multi-function compact inverter pages. Function name Data Default setting Unit Frequency reference Page Function Mode Function code Maximum number of data Maximum data number in 1 Function code Function bytes in 1 message message Coil status reading 32 coils in bits Holding register content reading 4 registers in bytes Writing into the coil 1 coil in bits Writing into holding register 1 registers in bytes Page Function Mode Message configuration: Hang the upper side on the hooks.

Function name Data Default setting Unit 0. This helps display the actual physical value on the monitor.

Omron 3G3JX User Manual

Refer to the following table for the status of multi-function input terminals [S1] to [S5]. Function name Data Default setting Unit Acceleration pattern Page Function Mode Coil No. The code of the basic function mode is displayed as “F”.